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Autumn Foliage

Lingering in the Moment

We’re right in the middle of Summer! The heat is on and getting warmer as we head to the end of the month. The trees, bushes, and plants are fully “leafed out”. The days are long and the “things to do” list is always full. Living this far north I’m still impressed with how light it stays and how long the days are! The other evening (night) I was still doing yard work when I noticed it was 9:30 pm. This season allows one more/longer oppor- tunity to attend to outdoor chores and enjoy outdoor activities.

In the rush of our culture, it’s good to enjoy the opportunities of “Lingering in the moment”. I’d like to put a spin on that and invite us to “Linger in the blessedness”. The blessedness of a conversation, a relationship, maybe a quiet moment, linger in the enjoyment of doing something – a hobby, a craft, being with loved ones around a campfire.

Whatever or wherever, I encourage us to embrace God’s presence in the moment. Even when I’m at task; preparing a sermon, planning worship, etc... I can lean into the presence of grace and the good feeling of work well done. When you’re doing the work around the house or out in the yard, enjoy the blessing of summer weather (or the blessing of air conditioning), the delight of birdsong, loon call, or laughter of neighborhood children. When doing craft or hobby, the good feeling of applying yourself to something that gives you pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

We are invited, encouraged, one might say called to rest in the grace of God and the presence of God’s Spirit. When we come to understand that God is in each moment – we discover that all moments are sacred: even the hard and difficult ones. As God’s presence more and more fills our hearts and spreads into the moment, we can linger in the truth of the sacred being present in our work and our play, our joys and our sorrows, our busy times and our times of recreation.

Knowing and feeling God’s blessing invites us into response to this Gracious Initiative. We can more and more turn the moment over to Christ that we might be more deeply a disciple, more faithful a follower, more intentional a child of God and centered in the Spirit. Now each relationship can be given to God, each task an act of devotion to the Lord, each opportunity of recreation a celebration of joy in the Spirit.

Summers are short up here in the North. May we seize the opportunities to linger in God’s love, relax into Jesus’ presence, and be filled up in the Holy Spirit. Enjoy your Summer and drink full of the longer days.

Be God’s, Pastor Jim

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