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Not Where We Expected To Be

We find ourselves - we seem to be a foreign land. Back in February, none of us would have ever thought we – ourselves, our country, the world - would be dealing and addressing the events and situations we find ourselves in at this moment, in this season.

A wonderful prayer keeps tapping on my heart these past months. Toward the beginning of it is this sentence: “Gracious and Loving God....when all else fails, you still are God.” Now, first of all, everything has not “failed” but much of what we took for granted and some to much on which we relied upon seems to be undependable or feeble at the least.

God is faithful and is an ever-present source of strength, renewal, sure foundation, refuge, acceptance,... the list of blessings goes on and on. In this season of crisis, chaos, violence, and storm – the truth is God-is-with-us! Or as we say in scripture; Emanuel! (The word literally means “God-with-us”).

And while we may at times wring our hands, the evidence of God present and God, right now at work, bringing forth new life, Christ’s Commonwealth, restoration and reconciliation can be seen! Not only all around – but even in the very midst of the chaos and brokenness of this world and our lives!

In the times we are anxious, let’s remember we are the Easter People! We worship and are invited into partnership with the All-Surpassing, Ever-Faithful, Cross & Tomb Overcoming, Ever Loving, all Forgiving God! We need not fear. We can step out in confidence. We can continue to love our neighbor, build the New/Blessed Community, and live in strength & humility & grace!

Especially in this season of uncertainty and amongst a culture of fear, let us live brightly, fearlessly, graciously, forgivingly, servantly, as followers of Jesus, who we claim to be Christ of our lives!

To do this we need the strength we find in our connectedness. We are meeting together in our church building again – safely, seated spread out from each other and wearing masks – but meeting. Looking into each other’s smiling eyes and slightly muffled words of welcome and kindness!

And we are getting our worship out to any who need to stay more safely at home! And you can call or email or text your joys and concerns to the church office! And we’re calling up and calling on each other! And we’re continually lifting each other in prayer!

We can and are living in grace and life abundant & eternal!

I invite you to come and join in worship; in person or through video. Intentionally reconnect with your faith family who holds you in love and in prayer. May we move with purpose and initiative as a congregation loving one another, serving our neighbor, and reaching out to the stranger – especially in this season when the Church and the Living presence of Christ is so needed!

Be God’s, Pastor Jim

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