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Autumn Foliage

Lots of “Thank You’s”!

Thank you to all our musicians, John Scheuer, the people who decorated the sanctuary, our readers, our tech team. I could go on and on! Christmas Eve Service was such a delight! Thanks to all who helped make it happen. Jodel and I thank all of you who sent us cards and gifts! Christmas cards are one of our favorite traditions of the season! We staple them to ribbons around our windows and after Christmas, we collect them in a basket and lift the families from three cards each evening at dinner. I hope yours was a merry and blessed Christmas and new year.

And so... on to this New Year, we go! God so richly and abundantly blessed our GRUMC family in 2019. We look to God’s continued presence with us as we move into 2020... WOW, “2020”! As we do there is much to celebrate!

One of the first opportunities to gather as a whole church family will be on Sunday, January 19. On that day we will have a truncated worship service and then move into our Annual Charge Conference or All Church meeting. You’re invited especially to this service and event as we name and celebrate all God has been about and made happen amongst and through our mission and ministry! The theme that Sunday is “Beach Party!” so come in your favorite summer outfit and/or Hawaiian shirt!

As we celebrate through Christmas and into Epiphany, may we renew our covenant with God and each other in being a family of faith that emphasizes in action, deeds and words our Mission Statement: Grow in Love of God & Neighbor. Reach New People. Heal a Broken World.

All of this stems from the Administrative Council’s discussion about living our Mission Statement. What is the direction God is calling and leading this congregation into? How do we strategize and plan for what God is bringing forward in us as a congregation in new possibilities? How do we energize the existing members toward this vision? How do we bring new members into this life and weave them into the ministries of the congregation?

As we move into this growing vision and ministry, how do we develop the leaders we’ll need to take us there and how do we increase the spiritual maturity and discipleship for all members of the church to grow in Christ?

It will be exciting to see how God sends us anew into all these new and expanding avenues for mission and ministry! This is all because of what this congregation previously has allowed the Holy Spirit to accomplish in us! Please be praying with me through this new year that we live into being the church family God is designing us to be and become!

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